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History of practice.

The Old Green Shed, as its known in the family, housed a flimsy metal table which would have reflected the  fluro over-head, if it were ever clean.  My fathers vice, a wooden jawed antique, earnt a worn thread during the later years of my youth. Both bench and vice participated handsomely in the structural experiments that bespeak my design rationale.

Erooded creeks crossed the family property and they became quarters to many of Old Green Shed’s tools. More accuratly – the fecund clay banks bound by a canopy of roots inherited the tools by default.

Undercut and inhabited by spiders, yabbies and a keen wombat, the slippery clay banks nurtured my childhood imaginings. A rambling noble savage returning to his humble home. Every tree, stone and shadow between creek and shed my declared domain. Over time, many an earnest dwelling depleted the store of tools.

A camoflaged twig topped fox-hole stinking of eucalyptus was the most solitary expression of domicile pursued. This severe and unfurnishable pen resembled a lazy grave. Swelling from its surrounds, it was fashioned entirely from timbers and leaf litter, as much a hazard as habitat.

Adventurous developments however required true collaboration. From multi level jungle lairs to the blackberry fortress, family projects seeded design relationships that continue to this day.



Our Creative Network



Room 11


Agency of Play

Born from a large turtle sculpture, Agency of Play provides an alternative to the status-quo of civic play spaces.

Working from an old sawmill in Yackandandah, civic sculptor Benjamin Gilbert has teamed up with former trapeze artist Xavier Pinard to produce a range pragmatic sculptures grounded in biophilic design principals.

Our work aims to enchorage an intimacy between people and nature.


  • 2008 Long-neck, Sculpture X Sea. Bondi beach Sydney. NAB Children’s choice. Sculpture X Sea. Bondi beach Sydney. Mayors prize, Russian Ice Cup,
  • 2007 Salekhard, Whale gunship from ice.
  • 2006 1st place. 14th Perm International Ice competition. Russia. Team event.
  • 2004 Artists choice prize. Norwegian Ice championship. Malsalev. Jan 2nd.
  • 1997 1st prize. Alvar Aalto design competition. University of Tasmania.
  • 2015 Vic Health Community Art project